Friday, May 28, 2010

Sweet Streets Gallery Nucleus

SWEET STREETS is an exhibition of artworks inspired by Japanese street fashion. The show features artists, designers, photographers, and music! I am honoured and extremely excited to be showing 4 pieces this coming September at Nucleus Gallery. Stay tuned for process pictures and videos of my work!

LA WEEKLY interview: { LINK }
Sweet Streets Blog: { LINK }
Nucleus website: { LINK }

"Gallery Nucleus & Caro are excited to reprise the highly successful SWEET STREETS exhibit. Last year’s colorful exhibition inspired by Japanese street fashion attracted hundreds of art, fashion, and enthusiasts. SWEET STREETS 2 aims to top the last with internationally known artists, photographers, and fashion designers, sponsored by Hi-Fructose,, Kirin, and more!"


Chanp said...

congrats on this dom!! looking forward to see the process

Hieng Tang said...

Me too looking forward to see some vids

Anonymous said...

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Kamao Poot said...

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