Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cg Unit Feature 2

Thanks again Ben for the feature! Much appreciated!
Check out CG UNIT for more information on contemporary artists.

What's been going on?
I've recently graduated from Sheridan college with a BAA in illustration and I'm ready to pump out new works! Currently I'm working for a social network as a graphic designer in creating web designs, motion graphics, as well as designs for the company. On top of things, I've also been freelancing. It's been a really great start for my career and I know with hard work and dedication it'll only get better.

Also, I'll be releasing a new version of my website within the next month. Check back soon to see the new site!

Lets fight the good fight!


jurffy said...

go fishgirl!

Veronica said...

Your work is fantastic :)

Lans said...

Good luck on your endeavors. Fight the good fight that is. This site might help you if you want to try business.

Sabrina Smelko said...

i love your work!

Signed, a 2nd year sheridan illus. student hhahaha