Saturday, January 24, 2009


I bought my first moleskin sketchbook. Is it worth spending 25$ CAN on? Not sure. The paper seems to be prettty durable.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I really love your artwork. I absolutely love looking at sketches from peoples sketch books. You can just see the heart and taste of the artist.

Francis said...

order the sketchbooks online, soo much cheaper. You'll just have to buy 3 at a time for free shipping.

Nice drawings!

Peter Hong Chan said...

i love moleskin..i've drawn in it before, i have an empty one right now..going to start it once i finish my current one..

btw beautiful the first one (lots of personality in the handwritten type - donna must love it haha) and the last one!

Dominique Fung said...

KLS- thanks hun! I agree with you. I love looking at other people's sketches. It's where the ideas originate.

Francis- ya for sure >.< I'll be doing that next time.

Peter- draw draw draw! and then...let me see. thanks! I'm not taking donna's, I took graphic D instead :P

marcus said...

what i do is wait for blick to send me their 40% off coupons and then use it on the moleskin... i just got one this saturday actually... came out to like 11usd