Saturday, December 13, 2008

snowboard DESIGNS

Top: "Glacial Reef" The Original measures up to 15 inches by 65 inches.

Bottom: "Eluded beats" The Original measures up to 15 inches by 65 inches.

Both are designs done for Ride Snowboards contest.

PROCESS: sketching and no painting?

Final colour was added in photoshop. Originally it was orange but I found that the blue really made it pop more. Overall the piece took me the span of three to four days to complete from beginning to end. TADAAAA. done.

Final drawing before scanning in the piece.

I then taped the piece onto my drafting table.

The paper that I used was BFK rives but I found it smudged easily or maybe I'm just messy.

The beginning stages: After sketching on the computer, I print out the image ( half the size of the original snowboard) and I transfer the drawing onto paper. At first I was planning to paint it but as I sketched out the koi fish I really liked the flow, texture and the mark that graphite made.
Sketched in photoshop:
I enjoy sketching on the computer when it comes to designs that need to be fit into a template. Also, I draw wayyy to big and I always end up needing a thousand sheets of paper. Thats why I feel as though there is less of a commitment when it comes to editing on the computer. The transform and lasso tool are my best friends.


Benjamin said...

lovely piece... and thnx for shearing the process, i really like the thought process.

Greg Dubeau said...

Wow Dom,
That top board is effing awsome. I would buy that even if I didn't board. Sick stuff.

andy Zeng said...

what a classic snowboard! but why most of ur paintings are about fish? :P

liuliu said...

Congrats for CG unit first of all and thank you for showing process work...ur lines are getting better and pritty amazinggg."I'm friend with Dom from tech Sheridan" just makes me pround

Khoi Mai said...

love the koy fish drawing

Dominique Fung said...

thanks everyone!