Wednesday, November 05, 2008


mixed media on BFk Rives
30x44 inches

It's been a while since I've last posted. School has been busy, along with freelancing and my new obsession with the book Twilight which premieres November 21st for all those Twilight lovers. But for now I'm going to focus my attention more on painting and less on reading. I hope to be posting more often within the next few weeks.  

I thought about painting a thousand paper cranes until I realized how ridiculously long that would take. Maybe next time. Here's my latest piece. 


marcus said...

it's beautiful... but where are the last 2 cranes?

Andrew Chan said...

interesting piece. i like it!

marcus said...

nm im blind. found them :)

andy Zeng said...

looks so cool.

liuliu said...

Beauty! i thing the theme works for peace vs suffer too.You inspire me so I go do my work now..

Lettie Lo said...

looks cool! love the green

rikit said...

it was so cool seeing this. it looks 1000x better in person too.