Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New Piece + Old work

The good, the bad, the evil and the wounded. Without one the other does not exist. In order for there to be good, evil will always co-exist. It's been about 3 years now since I've work on a larger scale. To be honest, I'm not too sure why it's taken me that long to realize what I love doing the most is painting. It's an amazing feeling to take a gigantic blob of paint and then to splatter it onto paper. No more digital painting from me for a while. Hopefully my next piece will be just as GRAND.

mix media on BFK Rives
30 x 44 inches

I forgot to post all of my paintings up from project gallery (which is now called Cerasoli: leBasse, they've moved to a bigger space, it looks amazing, make sure you check it out if you are in Culver this weekend) onto my blog. A little late but none the less, it's better then completely forgetting.

- Acrylic on BFK Rives- framed
21 x 17 inches

mixmedia on BFK Rives- framed
17 x 21 inches

"the guardians"
SOLD-mixed media on BFK Rives-framed
21 x 21 inches

"goldfish boba"
acrylic and oil on paper-framed
16.5 x 14 inches

SOLD-acrylic and oil on paper-framed
14.5x 13 inches


Lettie Lo said...

so cool! first time seeing the paintings in the bottom! the girls all resembles you one way or another~ and fishes <3
nothing smells better than paint

liuliu said...

i like this one the BEST cause gaves me alot happiness Domdom!!