Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New piece and Dreamworks

Initial sketchRefined sketch

Acrylic on BFK Rives

This is painted for the upcoming show at Project Gallery in Culver City, CA. More to come soon.

Dreamworks Studio

Ronald Kurniawan, who is an amazing artist, was kind enough to give us a tour of Dreamworks Studio. The artists there are INSANELY talented! There is so much time and patience that is put into each movie. The Studio looked like a resort from the outside with ponds, miniature water falls and a buffet for lunch and breakfast. But the moment you stepped into the building it was dead silence, everyone was working away to meet deadlines. Martha and I got to see all the new movies in production that will be released in 2010 and on. Overall it was a great experience to see the studio life. I'm not sure it's for me but I'd love to one day do some freelancing for them. For now, It's back to the drawing board and long sleepless nights.


Ryan Christiani said...

Wow Dom, that painting looks awesome!

marcus said...

more pics of dreamworrrks

JuanCarlos said...

this is tight!!!

Nimit Malavia said...

that looks so tight dom!! Can't wait to see it in person...and you guys for that matter!

Wendy said...

Nice work, Dominique! It's awesome you got to see Dreamworks! :)

CLR said...

Dom I love this painting.
Straight up.
Its lovely.
the initial sketch is really nice and gestural too!