Tuesday, November 06, 2007

3X3 Magazine

4x8 inch final
This was done for an illustration class. It's a subscription card for 3x3 magazine. The magazine is devoted to more contemporary arts. They feature young as well as more established artists. Check it out if you already haven't seen it. It's only out three times a year spring, summer and fall/winter.

The general idea behind the illustration are that the fishes coming to life from the 3x3 magazine. Also I tried to tie in the title of the magazine and went for a more literal take on the numbers "3x3", making three fishes (I didn't make 9 cause im lazy like that!). The three fishes show young to older more developed artists in the same pool of water, meaning we artists should support each other and grow together, which is what the magazine kinda covers.

somewhat cheesy but i had fun with it


Benjamin said...


This works really well. Especially the inside panel thing.

woudla been nice to see this not done digitally... *ben runs away*

Dominique Fung said...

pshhhh....not digital

...actually i tried and i failed i started it in acrylic but then i gave up

Greg Dubeau said...

Your getting it done with the digital painting. Good for you, it's looking dope.

Peter Chan said...

hey dom. looks awesome!! that subscription card is niceeee and i like the fold out haha.

good job, i like ur new style and keep them coming!

ohh and 3x3 magazine is awesome too ahha

JuanCarlos said...

I really like the color palette,
the overall image is very fun and beautiful! The only thing is that
the font on the cover bugs me a lot though, but other than that great stuff!

Dboy said...

oo this is really cute! and i love the colours too & the whole packaging :):)

Dominique Fung said...

thanks guys and gals for all your comments, much appreciated. It nice to kno that my art is acknowledged, i always feel as though my art isn't noticed. i'll keep whipping new things up.

thanks again

Lettie said...

wow this is so cute :)